About Us

Buster - the VT Bed Bug Dog!Our dog, Buster, detects the scent of live bed bugs and viable eggs.  We will inspect any area or item that you think might have bed bugs.  If you are not sure what’s biting you, or if you just want peace of mind, call us!

Our handler-canine team is certified through NESDCAOur handler-canine team is certified through NESDCA, an independent certification agency that bases their certification criteria on the same strict standards that are used to certify law enforcement drug and bomb detecting canines.  Our dog can detect low level bed bug infestations before they become out of control.

Bed bugs are extremely difficult to exterminate, and if infestations are identified early on, they are easier to get rid of.  We can inspect your home or business after it has been treated by a pest control professional, helping you determine if further treatment is necessary.

We offer routine inspections at a reduced rate for frequent travelers and high-risk businesses, and we offer one-time inspections for those who suspect that they may have a bed bug problem.  We are not affiliated with any pest control company, and our inspections are unbiased.  We are based in Burlington, Vermont, and are willing to travel great lengths to help you with your bed bug detection needs.