We offer routine quarterly inspections for high risk businesses, such as hotels, hospitals, dormitories and used furniture stores.  Regular inspections reduce your risk for major infestations, which can be devastating for businesses in terms of lost time, law suits, and a tainted reputation.  We also offer one-time inspections for suspected infestations, or for a post-extermination check.

Some professionals prefer to advertise that they have been inspected by a bed bug sniffing dog, to give their customers confidence that they are taking proactive measures against the nationwide bed bug crisis.  Other professionals prefer discretion, and do not want their customers to associate their business with a bed bug risk.  While we understand both approaches, we pride ourselves on discretion unless our customer specifically requests otherwise. We never disclose the names of our customers, and we are able to enter and search your facility after hours if needed.  Our dog is a friendly and unassuming beagle, and we do not wear uniforms or drive marked vehicles. Our dog is trained to alert to the scent of live bed bugs and viable eggs. He does not alert on dead bugs or cast skins, which makes him especially useful in post-extermination inspections.  When the inspection is complete, the handler will verbally give the company representative the inspection results, and we will mail or email you the written inspection results within 2 days.