If you have had recent house guests, recent travel, or purchases that you suspect may be have brought bed bugs into your home, or if you’re just not sure what is biting you, we can help you determine if you have a bed bug problem.  Often, a visual inspection, even by a trained pest control professional, will not turn up any evidence of bed bugs until there is an entrenched bed bug population.   Our dog is trained to detect the scent of as few as one live bed bug, and can detect their scent at all stages of life.  If bed bugs are detected in your home by our dog, your pest control professional can focus his or her efforts on the areas that the dog has alerted to, resulting in a more efficient and successful extermination.   Our dog, Buster, is an extremely useful tool for keeping your home safe from bed bugs.

What to Expect
Before we inspect your home, we will give you a prep list that will help you prepare your home for the most thorough and accurate inspection possible.  The purpose of this prep list is to remove distractions and to give the canine enough room to access bed bug hiding spots.  When our team arrives at your home, our handler will review the prep list with you again, and do a quick visual inspection of your home to make sure that it is safe for the dog to move through.  Then the handler will guide the dog through your home, room by room as the dog searches for the scent of bed bugs.  Our dog is trained to alert to the scent of live bed bugs and viable eggs. He does not alert on dead bugs or cast skins, which makes him especially useful in post-extermination inspections.  When the inspection is complete, the handler will verbally give you the results, and we will mail or email you the written inspection results within 2 days.