Why Use a Bed Bug Dog?

Buster - courtesy of Burlington Free PressBuster was trained at the prestigious J&K Academy in High Springs Florida. He is a rescue dog who has found a second chance at life, and who loves his new job sniffing out bed bugs. Our handler-canine team is certified through NESDCA, an independent certification agency that bases their certification criteria on the same strict standards that are used to certify law enforcement drug and bomb detecting canines.

Bed bugs are notoriously difficult to locate and detect using visual inspection alone. Even trained professionals may not find evidence of an infestation until it has become deeply entrenched in your home or property. Our bed bug sniffing dog can detect as few as one bed bug, which means we can help you detect infestations before they become out of control.

Buster trains daily with his handler to keep his skills sharp, and he has been trained to only alert on live bed bugs and viable eggs. If there are cast skins or dead bugs from an old infestation, Buster will have no interest in them, and will not alert his handler to this scent. If you think you might have a bed bug infestation, or if you just want peace of mind to confirm that you do not have an infestation, bed bug detecting canines are a wonderful tool for inspecting your home.

For more information about Buster’s training in Florida, you can take a look at J&K Canine Academy’s website at www.jkk9.com.